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In the immediate vicinity of Prijepolje there is one of the most famous centuries-old Serbian monasteries - the Mileševa Monastery, which is constantly visited by people of faith, tourists, passers-by who seek and find rest and peace from the everyday burden of modern life on the Mileševka bank. King Vladislav, son of King Stefan the First-Crowned, and the grandson of Nemanja, in the first half of the 13th century, rose to Mileus. Mileševa is best known for its fresco painting and "White Angel" fresco, which is part of the entire "Myrrhbearers on Christ's Grave". On the painting, archangel Gavrilo himself is depicted, who sits on a stone and with his hand points to an empty grave. The fresco was the work of unknown authors, and another fresco was painted over it in 16th century, so the "White Angel" was hidden until the beginning of the 20th century when this church was restored and the upper picture was removed. Mileševa is surrounded by a library, a chapel and a bishopric home.

Not far from here you can visit the canyon of the river Uvac, a white pine habitat and a relic bird species in the Balkans - Griffon vulture. This nature reserve, as an ecological area, is rich in interesting landscapes, clear water rich with fish, with the possibility of rafting and photo-tourism. The Uvac River Canyon with valleys of its tributaries, several beautiful lakes and caves, centenary forests, rare plants and various animal species make this part of Serbia unique. The center of the reserve is the canyon valley of the river Uvac with high and steep cliffs up to 350 meters high. Meanders give a special value to 119 kilometers of this river, which springs in Ozren. Looking from the height, the impression is that nature had a doubt in which direction to direct the river, so the river twists and makes beautiful river bends. The area around the gardens is characterized by numerous caves, mostly uninhabited and unknown. In terms of beauty, among them are Tubica cave and Ušac cave, one of the longest in Serbia (6,185 meters). The entrances to the caves are occasionally submerged, but the boats can enter inside. The caves are characterized by a wealth of cave decorations.


Meeting of the group at 7:15, departure from Belgrade at 7:30 am in front of the premises of the Club 50, Strahinjića bana 2, Kalemegdan. Drive to Zlatibor, where we go to a (optional) visit to the village of Mušveta, the company Aćim doo, which is engaged in the production of permanent delicatessen and wine. Tour of the dryers (getting hygienic equipment on the spot), tasting of the famous Dalmatian ham from Zlatibor, wine and brandy in a village on Zlatibor. Continuation of the trip to Mileševa Monastery. Arrival and sightseeing of this beautiful monastery, the endowment of King Vladislav, the son of King Stefan the First-Crowned. The Mileševa Monastery is best known for its famous fresco White Angel. Evening liturgy and ceremonies on the occasion of the curatorial celebration of the monastery. Free time for rest, dinner and overnight in the monastery's konak.


After breakfast, leaving the monastery and continuing on the road to Nova Varos. Driving in the Uvac lake in the length of 12-13 km, observation of Griffon vultures and other birds on the nests and while they fly, visit to the Ice Cave in the length of about 700m, "climbing" on one of the viewing points Prayer or the Great Summit. (with a spectacular view of the Uvac canyon). Return by boat to the place of departure. The whole trip takes about 5-6 hours. Upon returning with an organized lunch at the restaurant Sidro on Zlatar Lake. After a couple of hours of enjoying the beautiful nature of this part of Serbia, departure for Belgrade. Arriving at the place of departure in the evening hours.

Dates of departure:

23-24 June 2018, 21-22 July 2018

Location of departure: Belgrade

Promotional - SPECIAL price: 54€ (The promotional price is valid up to 10 days prior to departure. )

Terms of payment

40% advanced payment while booking, the rest of the amount 5 days before the trip.

Included in the price

the transport by a tourist bus or a mini bus / city is determined by check-in
accommodation in the konak of the Mileševa Monastery, rank 4 * on the basis of one half-board (dinner and breakfast)
representative of the agency (tour guide during the tour)
local guide / guard SRP Uvac
curator of the Mileševa Monastery
Pay toll and parking costs
travel organization costs

Not included in the price

Tour of the Mušvete village, dryers tour and tasting 650 RSD (delicatessen + bread, wine and brandy - unlimited).
Ticket for SRP Uvac 100 RSD
Rafting on Uvac Lake with Ticket for the Ice cave included, hiking route to the Great Summit 1500 RSD.
Lunch on the way back in restaurant Sidro on Zlatar Lake 800 RSD
Individual passenger costs
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The minimal number of passengers needed is 20. In case of changes on the monetary market or a smaller number of passengers the organizer reserves the right to change the price, change the program or cancel the trip at latest 3 days before the departure. In case a passenger cancels the cancellation rates of YUTA are applied.

Notes for transport

This excursions is organized with vehicles with minimun 20 passengers

Transportation by minibus or bus with 20,30,50 or 80 seats according to the program 


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